Nano Transport Research Group (NTRG)

Welcome to our group’s home page. We work on a broad range of problems, primarily involving transport processes by electrons, phonons, photons, and fluids. We seek to solve problems with high importance to applications in energy transport, conversion, and storage that are relevant to major industrial segments (aerospace, micro/nanoelectronics, sensors, advanced materials and manufacturing). Some topics and methods of our research are summarized in the adjacent graphic.

– Tim Fisher*

Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
John P. and Claudia H. Schauerman Endowed Chair in Engineering
Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Science
University of California Los Angeles
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Office: 38-137E Engr IV UCLA
Office Hours: by appointment
Mailing Address:
420 Westwood Plaza
38-137E Eng IV
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1597
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Research Areas

Advanced Energy & Clean Multifunctional Materials

Carbon negative production of clean hydrogen and high-quality, high purity graphite

Aerospace Thermal Management

Characterization of aerospace materials and technologies in extreme environments

Multiphase Electronics Cooling

Next-gen thermal management for high power density terrestrial and space electronics

Thermophysical Property Characterization

Material property measurements of novel materials

Information for Prospective Students

Our research group is characterized by a passion for discovering, explaining, and developing new knowledge through persistent effort intelligently applied. Students seeking a research position with us are encouraged to review the admission guidelines provided by UCLA’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program. Qualified students should then review the other pages of this website to identify specific research topics of mutual interest. These topics should be highlighted in any correspondence and in application materials. Interested students would also benefit from studying the materials contained in the online nanoHUB-U course, Thermal Energy at the Nanoscale, which can be taken in self-paced mode without a registration fee (i.e., free). Prospective students interested in more general information about life at UCLA and its surroundings might benefit from this series of posts.


I receive far more email inquiries from prospective group members than I can manage. Consequently, I have created an online form that interested researchers of all types (undergrad, grad, postdoc) should complete below. The form is intentionally short and should require less than 15 minutes to complete.


*Conflict of Interest Statement

This website pertains to my academic work and related research group and campus community activities. Separately, I occasionally provide private consulting and am also co-founder of a company (SolGrapH Inc.) that is involved with solar-thermal material synthesis. These activities fall outside the scope of this website, which is neither intended nor represented as any type of commercial product or promotion.