Multiphase Electronics Cooling

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Optimized utilization of two-phase phenomena is at the leading edge of thermal management across a wide swath of industries. Our research spans technologies targeted at addressing limits in thermal acquisition and transport for increasingly power-dense systems. With concurrent efforts in areas including thermoflluidic instability analysis and control, high-quality flow visualization, and microchannel characterization we aim to push the bounds of space, aerospace, and terrestrial capabilities. 

Research Highlights

Closed-loop methanol flash boiling

Coming soon…

TVAC testing with in-vacuum IR radiometry

High-quality radiator panel testing using IR thermography unimpeded by viewports

OHP Data assimilation-informed computational modeling

In collaboration with UCLA’s SOPHIA lab, developing an immersed-boundary method model that addresses stochastic uncertainties in OHP operation using data assimilation

Coming soon: capacitive vapor quality measurement

Coming soon…

Coming soon: Microchannel slug-plug visualization and tracking

A developing effort includes fabrication of a metal-ceramic oscillating heat pipe for flow visualization and high frequency optical slug tracking

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